David offers individual coachings in the city, perfect for preparing for a callback, working through one's book, or simply fine tuning a monologue or song.   Hourly sessions are available at an affordable rate. (Studio rental not included, accompanist provided upon request for an additional fee.) 


“Working with David was a joy, truly. He creates a comfortable working environment and offers keen insight into scene work, timing and overall execution.”  -Tituss Burgess ("30 Rock," Little Mermaid, Jersey Boys)

“David Alpert is one of the most approachable and insightful people I have worked with. His work ethic and obvious love for the craft shows in everything he does.” -Carly Jibson (Hairspray, Crybaby)

“David is a joy to work with and that will carry through to your auditions… if you don't hire him I will track you down and cut your n*%s off!!!”  -Tony-Award Winner Lena Hall (Hedwig, Kinky Boots)

“David helped me explore every aspect of the material. By the time we finished, I had a better understanding of what I was trying to achieve and how to use everything in my toolbox to get there. He is honest and articulate, and he knows how to bring out the best in every performer.”  -Janice Mays Landry

“David is an insane talent and an incredibly honest coach. He is so approachable and loving in his teaching method. I went to him for a sort of crash course in everything acting before a huge series of callbacks. David helped guide me to make strong choices, finding the honesty and motivation for every nuance and every line. Thanks to his guidance, I am making my Broadway debut this spring!!  Woohoo! Love you David!  -Ashley Loren (Jekyll & Hyde)

"I purposely pick David for coaching because of his strengths in storytelling. He is a master at crafting an actor's work into a clear picture that still allows or their individuality. I shouldn't say much more because I selfishly want him to be my best kept secret!!"  Hannah Elles (Godspell)


David is also available for workshops and masterclasses at universities, colleges, or theatre groups.  Please contact him for more information.


Teaming with Kaitlin Shaw of Tara Rubin Casting, David offers the popular 'Broadway Audition Workshop'   These two-session, three-hour classes focus on song repertoire, bold and appropriate acting choices, coaching and feedback from instructors, and a Q&A session with a Broadway Casting Associate.  

New in 2017 is the day-long workshop which allows participants to work on their 32 bar cuts, a dance call, and then a mock audition for the instructors and a Broadway Casting Director, followed by individual feedback.

A limited number of seats are available to audit the class.  

Email your headshot and resume to for apply, and check us out on Facebook.


"What was so fabulous about David's class was his laid back coaching style and the concentrated class size. Unlike other classes I have taken, with David I was able to work on multiple things in my book and not just at surface level either. We really dug into the material and found what works with every piece. It was also wonderful to have a casting representative come in the second week providing even more insight into the business. If you're looking for honest and helpful feedback I highly recommend taking this class."  -Hannah Seymour

"I recently graduated and have been used to working with the same teachers and students for four years. After that long period of time, you become really comfortable in the room and willing to share more and take bigger risks. David made that same environment in fifteen minutes. Not only does he have unique insight into your material, he literally gets up there with you and helps you dig through your story, not just tell you how it should be done. I finally figured out how to make those 16/32 bar cuts I always use art."  -Liz Fallon

“Alpert and Shaw are a wonderful coaching combination.  David works quickly and directs in such a natural and accessible way, I immediately responded and grew with his help.  And he made it a lot of fun!  Kaitlin watches carefully and makes very specific, insightful adjustments, then offers an honest casting perspective to help tailor each performer's individual audition.  Both of them made me feel really good about my work.  Both of them really understand actors.  And their energy is incredibly positive...and contagious!  I'm so grateful to have been a part of the process.”  -Selby Brown

"I just wanted to send a general (but large) THANK YOU for such a great class. You were a lot more specific than most tend to be in those types of classes which is greatly appreciated. It's amazing how much a person can learn in just two sessions."  -Christopher DeProphetis

"David's class is by far one of the most beneficial experiences I have had since arriving in New York City. The environment that David creates is professional yet comfortable and relaxed, taking away the intimidation factor and allowing you to really dig into your material.  He has an amazing ability of finding creative ways to get you to connect to your songs.  His approach is sincere; you can feel that he genuinely wants to see you be the best you can be.  In addition to David's direction the time spent with Kaitlin Shaw I found to be invaluable. She has a vast knowledge of the industry and gave honest, constructive feedback.  After taking David's class I feel 100% more confident going into auditions.  I would jump at the chance to take the class again!"  -Kaitrin Lynch

"Anyone wanting to work on their audition material and receive truly valuable, monumental insight, take David Alpert's class. He creates a comfortable working environment where you can experiment and play with different interpretations of your pieces, with a wonderful accompanist and supportive classmates."  -Lars Haglund

"I participated in the November workshop led by David Alpert and Kaitlin Shaw. I felt very satisfied with the amount of "on my feet" time and the specific feedback I got from David and Kaitlin-I felt that both assessed the work that students were doing very quickly and were able to give supportive, intelligent and realistic suggestions for students to incorporate into their performance and song choices. I would recommend this workshop to any working or developing performer as a great to place to hone their craft and get realistic feedback from intelligent professionals."  -Aron Bederson

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time in David's class.  He created a very positive and encouraging environment in which to learn!”  -Rheaume Crenshaw

"I had the great pleasure of auditing David's latest class session.  I chose to audit because I am rebuilding my book and I wasn't quite ready to work in a class setting on new material, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to take part in some way.  I was able to learn so much from watching my fellow actors work on their pieces.  David is a pro.  He makes everyone feel comfortable and gets such awesome growth in such a short amount of time.  I left feeling like I had tools and a fresh perspective from the work David did that I could apply to my own work on songs old and new.  It was wonderful to hear Kaitllin's comments on the performances as well.  Invaluable little tips were given and questions answered that are only afforded through an opportunity such as this.  Take this class, you won't regret it!  -Erin Chupinsky

"I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I had voice lessons today and I was sharing with my vocal coach all the things you helped me with and all the feedback. Not only did we work on my songs vocally, we worked on your notes. We worked on being still and telling the story. I started to connect with both songs. I almost cried on one of them. I'm excited. I'm going to keep working this week. Thank you thank you thank you! I feel like I'm having a breakthrough."

"Thank you so much for that class! One thing that really stood out to me while working with you is that I tend to make choices (or not make choices) that aren't as clear and simple as they can be--you helped immensely by cleaning up the muddiness of my acting choices and giving me some fresh things to play with. It was a pleasure. Thanks again."

"Just wanted to say thanks again for everything. I really felt so comfortable and free in the class. I thought your direction was so clear and constructive. Thanks again!!"

“It was great meeting you in the Musical Theatre workshop at Pearl Studios.  I appreciate that you allow Audits & learned A LOT observing the very talented actor/singers in the class and by seeing you in action. You are a very gifted, keenly observant, & skillful director!”